Friday, February 15, 2013

New York Times review of Airswimming by Charlotte Jones

A GREAT review in The New York Times for Fallen Angel Theatre Company's Airswimming by Charlotte Jones!

"Solace in a Sea of Insanity...impressively acted...“Airswimming,” nicely directed by John Keating, is poignant, intelligent and at times wickedly funny."

Aedin Moloney (Dora/Dorph) & Rachel Pickup (Persephone/Porph) in Airswimming by Charlotte Jones, directed by John Keating, produced by Aedin Moloney of Fallen Angel Theatre Company in association with The Irish Repertory Theatre. Photo by Carol Rosegg.

"Airswimming": Forsaken Women Find Love in Margins

 A terrific and well researched review of Airswimming by Charlotte Jones, written by Megan Finnegan Bungeroth for The Wild Geese.  Thank you Megan from all of the Fallen Angel Theatre Airswimming team.

"..Airswimming” is not actually about the plights of the wrongfully imprisoned women of England and Ireland and all the other countries where that still happens. It’s about two women, slowly coming to the realization that they will never be rescued, and so they rescue each other....excellently acted and directed ....tightly written"

Monday, February 4, 2013

Airswimming by Charlotte Jones Video of Production

Check out the following Fallen Angel Theatre Company video clip of Airswimming by Charlotte Jones.  Includes interview with Airswimming producer and actresss Aedin Moloney and her co star, Rachel Pickup. Thank you to Eric Marciano and